Samsung and Apple may be at each others' throats in the courtroom, but the two will be getting along just fine with Sammy's new speaker docks. Sprinkled in with the availability details of its 2012 Smart TV lineup, the company's prepped a quartet of stereo speaker-systems affixed with dual-docks for its Galaxy line of devices and, surprise, Apple's iThings (Mini-USB plug and a 30-pin connector). You'll have a choice between two designs (each available in two sizes), starting with the two-channel, bell bottom macaroni-style above (10-watt DA-E550). The remaining models feature a more traditional box-like shape, 2.1-channels of sound, and Bluetooth-connectivity -- this includes the DA-E650 with 40 watts of output and a 20-watt subwoofer, and the DA-E670 with 100 watts of output and a 60-watt sub. Mum's the word on pricing, but you'll be able to pick these mini-rigs in April. For now, check out some close-up shots in the gallery below and the PR past the break for all of the sound-related goodies Samsung unveiled today.


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