During MWC2012, we got a glimpse of the Sony NXT family of smartphones, consisting of the Xperia S, U and P. Today, Sony Mobile Communications showed them along with newest non-NXT handset that was only announced yesterday, the Xperia sola.

Starting with the flagship model the Xperia S which we have been testing for a few weeks now, the 1.5GHz dual-core, 4.3Inch handset will be available in Malaysia from selected operators tomorrow at a RRP of RM1,899 and you can pick one up for as low as RM1,089 under some subsidized plans with some telcos. As for other channels, the Xperia S will be on it's way come 21st of March. For a limited time only, the Xperia S will come bundled with a set of Xperia Smart Tags to show off the NFC capabilities of the handset.

Next we have the Xperia U, as we saw at the MWC announcement, the Xperia U is a 1GHz Dual Core, 3.5inch reality display NXT handset that has the unique feature of different color illumination on the transparent band depending on the media or theme displayed on the phone. The Xperia U also has a removable battery but alas, no expandable memory. The Xperia U also supports interchangeable covers to customize your handset to a certain extent. After a couple of minutes with it, this may be a very popular phone when it gets released.

Rounding out the NXT Series of phones is the Xperia P. Living in a sexy unibody chassis, the Xperia P is a 1GHz Dual-Core, 4Inch Reality display handset with Sony's new WhiteMagic display technology. The WhiteMagic tech makes viewing the screen easier when in the bright sunlight and when indoors, the automatic brightness power saving mode kicks in and adjusts the brightness accordingly. The Xperia U also features an 8MP camera but no expandable memory and no removable battery.

Lastly we were given a chance to play around with the freshly announced Xperia sola, while not part of the NXT series, it still fits with Sony's design aesthetic, making it quite a decent phone. The unit that we had was a prototype unit so the floating touch could not be tested, but when we do get a working unit, we will definitely want to give it a whirl.

The Xperia U, P and sola will be available in Q2 2012.



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    Yup.. revisited.. nice template by the way :)  

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