The battle for (unjustified) high-end luxury Android devices continues, this time with the latest from TAG Heuer dubbed the Racer. Taking design cues from Formula 1 cars, the device looks like a little closer to a weapon from Square’s Deus Ex than a luxury sports car although, apparently, it’s the materials that make it stand out. Carbon fiber and titanium can be found throughout and unlike Mobiado’s offering, the Racer is said to feature a “high speed processor” along with the “latest” Android software and Tag Heuer’s own customizable 3D interface.

Sounds intriguing but I wouldn’t grab your credit card just yet. This is more tailored to the Paris Hilton’s and CEO’s of the world than the average consumer, thanks to its hefty $3,680 price-tag. The device is set to launch this July in a variety of models, across various jewelers


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