Toshiba gave us an early glimpse of its glasses-free 3D Satellite P855 a few days ago and has now revealed a little more about the rest of the P8-series. The company still isn't talking processors or GPUs, beyond saying that the line-up will use the "latest" hardware from Intel and "next-gen graphics from NVIDIA." Without getting breathless about it, this hints at what we'd already hoped: some Ivy Bridge action coupled with the possibility of Kepler graphics -- after all, these new Satellites won't start shipping til the next quarter. Regardless, here's some stuff we know for sure: The full line-up includes a second 15.6-incher (the P850) and two 17.6-inchers (the P870 and P875) which will do away with the lenticular 3D display but keep the metallic finish, LED backlighting, backlit keyboard, Slip Stream audio for playing music while in standby, four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out, WiDi and BlueTooth 4.0, while also offering the options of a Blu-ray drive and hybrid hard-drive (8GB solid, 750GB spinning). No official word on pricing yet, but we've already reported that the range will likely start at £599 ($940). So, breathless is too much, but breathy is okay.


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