Google Project Glass Review

Google’s Project Glass is the team quietly working on Google’s augmented-reality glasses project, which will provide users with smartphone functionality without the smartphone. On it’s Google+ brand page, the Project Glass team has announced that the glasses are real, and have begun testing at Google HQ.

While it’ll still be months (or years) before the glasses are officially up for public consumption, Google has released a nifty video to show us what the future of augmented reality could be.

We recently conducted a poll as to whether people were actually interested in Google glasses, and a whopping 66% of you responded with a resounding YES! Obviously, people who read Android and Me are the early adopters, and we have to wonder how Android-powered glasses would perform in the general public. The glasses are rumored to go on sale sometime next year, and will likely cost about as much as today’s smartphones, so we won’t have to wait too long to see our dreams for a Star Trek future come to life.


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