HTC One X Drop Test Review

By now, many of you have had your eye on the HTC One X since it was released in Europe a few weeks ago. For us here in the states, we’re simply waiting until May 6th for the device to arrive on AT&T before we have decide if we’re going to pony up the cash for it. But whenever buying a new device, there’s often one question that sits in the back of everyone’s mind. One that not too many people are brave enough (or have pockets deep enough) to find out the answer to. How well can this device — the HTC One X in this case — survive a drop? It’s almost too painful to even think about.
Well, the boys at HTCPedia were brave/crazy enough to find out the answer to this question by subjecting their HTC One X to a variety of common drop scenarios, first one at hip height, then the more unlikely shoulder height drop, and finally, the worst scenario that could ever befall a device, that 1 in 6 chance a phone actually lands flat on its screen. How well did the HTC One X perform? This one’s hard to watch.

Dropping your brand new device onto cold, hard pavement is a very real possibility that most owners will experience at some point in their handset’s life. What’s funny is even the sound of a device hitting the ground is almost universally identifiable, sending shivers down the spine of anyone who cares about their phones as much as Android fans do. It’s almost like dropping a child.


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