It is tax filling month and most people would like to save as much as possible through tax relief incentives. One of such tax relief is for computer purchases made every 3 years which entitles you a relief up to RM3,000.

In this day and age, tablets such as iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Transformer, Xoom & Playbook have been gaining popularity. So are these new devices entitled for such tax relief?

According to someone who have asked, LHDN has replied:

if the tablet computer only have computer features and is for home and family use only, then it will be treated as “computer” and is entitled to the personal income tax relief of up to RM3,000, claimable once in 3 years.

So this means, tablets including iPad are included in the tax relief as long as it is for personal and not for business use. However there’s another condition, it must not have any mobile phone features. If the tablet allows normal mobile calls and sends text messages, you’re not allowed entitled for this relief. Sorry Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note users.

So currently the safest option is if you purchased an iPad, Playbook and WiFi only Android Tablet. To be extra sure, it is best to double check with the folks at LHDN. Who knows they might expand the definition again.



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