1st Fashion Smart Phone VERTU

Who says that high-end fashions are all boring and only consists of black and/or white? Vertu recently added three new candy colours to its Vertu Constellation series – Candy Raspberry, Candy Mint Green and Candy Tangerine. As with all Vertu products, these new colours which the company claims are “this summer’s must-have colours”, are made with the highest quality alligator skin and will be adorned with natural gem stones to make its price even further from your reach.

The Constellation series was first launched back in 2006. Last year in order to join the smartphone bandwagon, the company revamped the series to bring full touch display and a smart operating system, 3.5” AMOLED display, 32GB in internal storage, but does it even matter? I think those who can afford a device from Vertu wouldn’t really care about its functionality.

As with existing Constellation offers, getting one of these premium devices doesn’t only land you a brand new expensive phone, it’ll also score you invitations to the most influential Fashion week shows as well as Vertu’s customary services. The Constellation Candy phone collection is available in the UAE, China, EU, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Ukraine and Vietnam; what? No Malaysia?



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