Out for a night on the town, a (very handsome) Phandroid reader spotted Google’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra, along with a handful of fellow Googlers (Charles Mendis, Simon Prakash, and Steve Lee) at “Enoteca La Storia,” a wine bar located in Los Gatos, CA.
The entire team was hanging out, wearing Project Glass, and sipping some merlot. You may have noticed from the snapshots, some of these Googlers were wearing a never-before-seen blue-ish hued headset. This could mean Project Glass is advancing into a new production and/or testing phase — or that the varying colors represent some kinda complex ranking system within Google (in which Vic is the equivalent of a black belt). Either way it’s damn cool, and I’m sure the rest of the patrons at the bar thought they were all from the future.
UPDATE: Even more pics made it onto Google+ in which Google’s Chris Chabot n’ friends took the headset out for a test run. They called it “Google Glass Walk” and you can find even more photos on his Google+ page where we found this red model. It’s now that I’m starting to wonder if these will be given out to attendees at Google I/O next month?



  1. TanpaNamaDer said...

    pernah tgk vid promo dia dlm utube
    mmg awesome


  2. Syed Salleh said...

    Kalau keluar nanti sah syed nak gune :p  

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