Yes, more leaks regarding The Next Galaxy which is set to be unveiled at 7PM UK time on 3 May 2012; about 2AM tomorrow morning. This time round, there are no pictures of any prototype or user manuals, instead, it’s of a screen protector that further confirms the shape of the device that we’ve been seeing lately – very curved edge and a physical home button.

Although there’s no way to tell the size of the display on the device, it looks like it may have a 4.8” display after all when you see the screen protector being compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X – it’s longer and slightly wider than the S II, and more or less similar to the One X.

I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed; I’m still reserving my hopes for a device that is less plasticky, thinner, more powerful and has a longer battery life; at least longer than what the HTC One X has to offer. Whatever it is, there are only about 16 hours left, are you excited yet?


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