Disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy S III? Well, I personally don’t blame you if you are, so if you’re looking for an alternative device and do not wish to pay so much for a brand new smartphone, it looks like Maxis is now offering the Samsung Galaxy S Advance as well. Available with either 1GB or 3GB data plans with a contract of 12-, 18- or 24 months, you can get the Galaxy S Advance from as low as RM699; the retail price is RM1,299.

Do note that the contract ties you to a data plan only but in order to be eligible for the subsidised price, you’re going to have to pick a rate plan as well going off from RM30 a month. Check out the plans below.

Rate Plan: Value First (RM30/month) or Value Plus 50 / 80 / 150 / 250 / 500

Value First + 1GB
Value First + 3GB
Monthly Commitment
RM30 + RM48 = RM78
RM30 + RM68 = RM98
12 Months Contract
18 Months Contract
24 Months Contract

Do note that plans for Maxis is calculated based on the telco's Value First rate plan. You're free to pick and switch between the various Rate Plans offered by Maxis since it's not tied to a contract.


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