It's a no brainer that the new MacBook Pro's are coming soonish and that they will most likely be sporting the new Ivy Bridge processors from Intel, however what else can we expect from the next-generation laptop? According to sources close to the Apple supply chain, the new MacBook Pros will be the first in the line to get Retina displays as well as will be getting a slimmer profile. The 15inch model is said to be omitting the optical drive in order to trim down while the power button takes the place of the eject button. The display is rumored to be up to 2880 x 1800 for a 15incher which is no small thing, god knows how much you'll have to squint for that! Last but not least, the new MacBook Pro's are going to have USB3.0 which is way overdue. Mac users need not be envious at their Windows counterparts on the amazing speeds that USB3.0 gives.


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