Just Right after we posted Samsung S Voice application APK and everyone downloaded it, Samsung has begun blocking S Voice server requests by smartphones devices other than the Galaxy S III I-9300.

The application was extracted from a developer's unit of the SGS III, and just as we thought that the feature advertized as unique for Samsung's new flagship has made its way to all Android devices, the Koreans along with Vlingo started blocking server requests from unauthorized phones. FTW, Vlingo is the company behind the S Voice App.

So while requests are still sent, the server now detects that they come from an unauthorized phone and don't process and return an error message "Network error, Please Try again".

There is a workaround but it requires a ROOTED device and some Modifications of a system file, which is not safe. If you want you can follow the instructions:

After installing the S Voice app, use a root explorer app to edit your build.prop to mimic that of the SGSIII. SEE POST #5 FOR PIC GUIDE.

ro.product.model=(Your Device)


Do the same with line ro.product.device

Save changes and exit app. Reboot device and enjoy.

EDIT: Its been reported that this may cause GWallet not to function!!

Modified APK Courtesy of pHaez. Thanks B. Dropbox Mirror



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