If you’re one of those impatient ones who are already at the edge of your seats waiting for Samsung to announce the launch date of the Galaxy S III, here’s something to make it even more exciting for you. You know how when the device was announced in London earlier this year, people thought it was amazing but hated the fact that Samsung might use plastic like it did on the Galaxy S II and many other Samsung phones? It looks like the S III will not be made of plastic, instead, it’ll be made from a premium material – Polycarbonate, the same material found on the HTC One X.

“Polycarbonate is used on the battery cover. Polycarbonate is lightweight, solid and is already being widely used in the mobile industry. It was chosen as the best material to represent the minimal organic design of GALAXY S III. Using three layers of high quality, pure and clear polycarbonate, not only is the phone’s aesthetic elevated, but the durability and scratch resistance is maximized.” – Samsung.

For those who thought the Galaxy SIII is rubbish because it’s just another piece of cheap plastic, will the fact that it’s made of a more durable, stronger and scratch-resistance material change your mind?



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