With the Samsung Galaxy S III finally revealed, the next question will be its availability for Malaysia and singapore. The previous Galaxy S II it took nearly 6 months to launch in Malaysia and singapore. This time Samsung will be extra quick in rolling out. Mr. Lee Jui Siang, the Director of Regional Mobile Business unit for this region has said with great confidence that the Samsung Galaxy S III will debut in Malaysia and singapore in early June.

This is a breakthrough for Samsung that marks probably its fastest mobile product roll out ever. European markets will be getting it as early as 29 May with other countries getting it shortly after. As comparison, Sony launched the Xperia S in Malaysia within 2 months while HTC took about 1 month to launch the One X with all 4 telcos simultaneously. Being a flagship device for Samsung this year, we are expecting something better if not similar to HTC in terms of Malaysian launch.


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