Corning and its Gorilla Glass might get most of the press, but SCHOTT claims that it, not the 160-year-old New York-based manufacturer, makes the toughest sheets for smartphones. The German company launched Xensation Cover Glass, a break and scratch-resistant alumino-silicate, at SID. Originally announced last year, the material had undergo stringent testing from potential customers before being brought to market. Now Xensation is ready to make its debut in consumer products, which should start shipping in the third quarter of 2012. Unfortunately, SCHOTT wouldn't divulge who might be making those products, but it did take the opportunity to brag that Xensation has a 20 percent higher bending strength than "competitor glass types." Which means future phones featuring the panels might be a bit less shatter-prone than some currently popular offerings. Want more? There's an anti-glare version for all you gloss-hating types.



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