HTC one S U Mobile

It’s no typo. The HTC One S is coming to Malaysia with U Mobile commencing its registration of interest. The HTC One S is a unique model from the HTC One Series that uses Super AMOLED display with a ceramic body finish which is a result of micro arc oxidation. Among the HTC One series, the One S is the slimmest model at only 7.8mm.

Although it is running just dual core 1.5GHz, the HTC One S is no slouch as it is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 that produces impressive benchmark numbers to date. To know more about the specs and difference with its bigger HTC One X model, do check out our HTC One Series comparison.

According to the ROI page, those that registered will be notified on collection details from 15th June onwards, which is an indicative availability date. To register your interest, head over to U Mobile.



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