For the past few weeks, we believe that we have seen a lot of signs that the new Nokia Lumia 900 will be launched here in Malaysia very soon but so far, we have received any confirmed information about as well as its pricing. However, that just changed mere hours ago as we have discovered that a nearby Nokia Store has begun selling the Windows Phone to customers ahead of its imminent launch here in Malaysia.

In fact, we have actually met with one of the customer ourselves. According to the customer (we keeping his identity as a secret to protect his privacy), he purchased the Nokia Lumia 900 over at Nokia Store in The Gardens and it was the last out of eight units that were sold at the outlet. The price, you asked? RM 1799 and it comes complete with a free gift in the form of portable battery charger. Above is the picture of the actual unit, next to our Nokia Lumia 800.

Whether it is an honest mistake or Nokia just trying to test the market discreetly, we are honestly quite baffled at what Nokia is trying to achieve here. This could be their own weird way in getting customers to be aware of Lumia 900’s existence but honestly, we certainly believe that it is about damn time for them to just release the device in Malaysia properly rather than teasing customers without any concrete release information.



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