Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 torn down by iFixit, showing the Internal parts of the device. The device has an Exynos 4412 1.4GHz quad-core processor. The 4412 is produced using the same process used to make the Apple A5 CPU APL2498.

Inside the Samsung Galaxy S III you will find the Intel Wireless PMB9811X Gold Baseband that was also used in the Samsung Galaxy S II. Wi-Fi is handled by the Broadcom BMC 4330 and GPS belongs to the Broadcom BCM47511 Monolithic GNSS receiver.
The MOST Interesting thing is the Sony 8.0 MP 1.4 ┬Ám back-illuminated primary (rear facing) Image/Camera sensor. The interesting thing in this sensor that you will also find the same exact sensor in the Apple iPhone 4S. It won't make any sense in trying to discern from users which camera takes the best pictures because they are the same Identical sensor in both devices, but people will vote based-no their general opinion the device itself.



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