Excited about Windows Phone 8 and what’s to come? As you might already know, the new mobile OS from Microsoft will come with multi-core support, high resolution display and such, so what else is new? A whole bunch actually, LG announced its Siri-like “Quick Voice” that allows for voice control, Microsoft will also have its own Speech Platform that allows you to search for things and listen to ebooks. This feature will arrive to all WP Mango devices so no worries if you’re an existing user.

Windows Phone 8 will also come with a new Start Screen, probably the biggest and most obvious change in terms of visuals. I personally love the new redesign, the current big tiles shows too little information and I don’t think I’m that old to require big buttons, yet. There’ll also be deep Skype integration, offline turn-by-turn navigation maps powered by none other than Nokia, IE10 which smoked Safari and Android browser in the SunSpider Java test, improved camera with panorama and burst shot, ready for enterprise, over the air updates for future WP8 devices, and 18-months support cycle.



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