We’ve seen a large number of watches from famous Tokyoflash before, the Kisai line features a wide range of different watches with very unique ways of telling the time that may take quite some time to learn and now, here’s a new Kisai Online. On top of all the things you normally find in a Kisai watch like “always on” LCD display, the Kisai Online here is equipped with accelerometer so it’ll only reveal the time to you.

Made out of lines, the watch is pretty easy to decrypt, as long as it’s held in the correct way – facing its owner. Available in three LCD colors – natural, blue or red, once the watch is held towards the user, the lines will fall together, displaying the time as shown in the image below; the date will also be arranged in the same manner and as with all the other Kisai watches, it also comes with alarm.

Kisai Online is also another design submitted by the public to the Tokyo Flash Design Lab that was turned from a concept into a reality. The lines on the display extend to the strap that can be fully adjusted to fit even the smallest and largest wrist.

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