How many of you like what you see so far with regards to the next Apple iPhone and the rumored 7” iPad? The iPhone 5 is said to come with a 4” display and will be slightly larger in terms of dimension, while the iPad Mini should come with a display that measures between 7 and 8 inches and will take design cues from the iPod Touch, meaning that it’ll be much thinner than the current 10.1” iPads. According to some mockup designs of both devices found in Apple’s Chinese supply chain, it looks like whatever you’ve seen so far are what you’re going to get.

The iPhone 5’s mockup measures at about 120mm x 60mm, just about right to incorporate the larger 4” screen. Like all the leaked pictures we’ve seen so far, the back does come with a separation line, indicating that it should be made out of at least two different materials – glass and metal.

The iPad Mini on the other hand also seem to confirm the design we read about last week – as thin as an iPod Touch. Placed next to an iPad, the mockup looks extremely thin and if it is the real deal, it would be the thinnest tablet in the market, so far. It also matches a leaked casing with the same dock connector and speaker grills. Personally, I’m definitely keen to see how a tablet so slim would feel like but I’m also intrigued by the Nexus 7 especially with its price, if you were to pick, will you opt for Google’s very own 7” tablet or the iPad Mini?



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