The next iPhone may not be available in the market yet, heck, it isn’t even announced yet; it’s still at a stage where people get excited over leaked images and information, but it looks like it’s already up for pre-order in none other than China. According to reports, an e-commerce giant in China, Taobao, is now allowing users to preorder for the iPhone 5. The website even posted concept photos and specs on the site, and the price of the pre-order? USD$1,000! It is said that the seller plan to purchase the iPhone in other countries when it gets launched first like the U.S. or Hong Kong.

On other iPhone 5 related news, new images of what may be the second engineering samples have recently been leaked. The sample is pretty much consistent with what we’ve seen so far – larger screen, smaller dock connector, redesigned speaker and microphone grills, and such – except that it has back panels installed. I surely hope these purportedly leaked images are real, imagine if someone out there with a lot of free time were making various versions of the iPhone casing based on the first leak.



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