A while ago, Razer made it into our headline when a picture of its ambidextrous and transforming (to say the least) mouse - Razer Ouroborus - which was still in development that time got leaked out via FCC. The mouse is now no longer in hiding though as the gaming peripherals manufacturer has officially announced it earlier this week.

What made this Ouroborus wireless gaming mouse so different from Razer’s previous gaming mice is its customizable ergonomics feature. It is equipped with adjustable rear panel and back arch together with interchangeable side panels to suit all types of mouse grip and wide range of hand sizes. The mouse is also equipped with 8200dpi optical-laser sensor combo and a handy DPI trigger that enables its user to temporarily increase or decrease and hold the mouse’s DPI rate when the need arises.

Runs on a single AA battery, the Ouroburus is said to able to last up to 12 hours of continuous gaming but if changing batteries is not your thing, Razer has also included a rechargeable battery with it and don’t worry, the mouse can still be used even when it is plugged to PC. Expected to be available sometime in fourth quarter of 2012, the Razer Ouroburus will be priced at RM 411 (USD 129.99).

To learn more, check it out at www.razerzone.com.



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