I’m sorry if you’re bored of hearing the same thing over and over again, but it looks like the next iPhone will really have a longer 4” display. According to a picture of iOS 6’s home screen, it is able to be scaled to show five full lines of apps when displayed at 640 x 1136 – the resolution a 4” iPhone should have.

After tweaking the iOS Simulator, the folks at 9to5mac found that when the display resolution is changed to 640 x 1136, iOS 5.1 displayed the home screen with a stretched set of 4 rows of apps while the iOS 6 showed five complete rows that come with a perfect fit. However, when the display resolution is changed, the simulator will not correctly display 5 rows of icons; the icons will instead be scaled to an iPad alike home screen layout, so this could very well confirm that the next iPhone will be equipped with a 640 x 1136 resolution 4” screen.

So how will the longer new iPhone look in your hands? Sure we’ve seen alleged iPhone 5 parts and casings, there were even pictures of everything pieced together, but how will the phone look in your hands? Thanks to some rendered images, check out how good it looks to hold the new iPhone; personally I’m glad that it’s longer and not really much wider because as much as I love big screens, they’re usually not one-hand operable. More images available over at source link, there are even images of the next iPhone in other colors like blue, pink, green, etc.



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