Sony LT29i Hayabusa hands on review

The long awaited high end Sony smart phone dubbed Hayabusa has taken its own sweet time to make an international appearance. Expected as a high-end addition to the Xperia line up, the device was launched as Xperia GX that’s exclusive to Japan. While there’s no new updates, someone has managed to get their hands on an engineering model of a supposed international version.

The LT29i Hayabusa which is intended for international markets shares the same design and specs as the Xperia GX. It maintains the similar Xperia arc design and it is slightly thinner with 8.6mm at the thinnest point (Xperia arc at 8.7mm). Powering the device is a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 S4 processor, 1GB of RAM and it comes with a higher 13MP camera. Over at the front, it has a larger 4.6″ display that does 1184×720. The odd number is due to its additional screen real estate to cater for on-screen Android navigation buttons.

The GX comes with an all-black front and the Xperia logo is said to be illuminated, likely in the same fashion as current Xperia smart phones. Hopefully the illumination can be tweaked as a notification light. While phones without removable battery and memory expansions are getting popular, the LT29i fortunately comes with a accessible back for battery, microSIM & microSD slots.

Since this is an engineering model, there are a number of limitations such as a capped processor speed of 918GMHz and the 1,700mAh battery included is said to be non-final. No news on availability but it is likely that Sony Mobile might reveal the LT29i along with other new entry smart phone models during IFA2012 that’s happening end of this month.



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