On October 29th, Google is expected to introduce a couple of new devices which include the overexposed LG based Nexus 4, 32GB version of the Nexus 7 and a larger 10″ Nexus tablet device. The Nexus 10 device is manufactured by Samsung and it is rumoured to be powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos 5250 Cortex A15 based dual-core processor at 1.7GHz and 2GB of RAM.

In terms of display, the 10 incher is said to be pushing massive 2560×1600 pixels resolution. That’s 299 ppi (pixels per inch), which is the highest pixel density display for a tablet. As comparison, the iPad with Retina display pushes 2048×1536 pixels which gives 264ppi in a 9.7″ screen.

Other rumoured details include cameras for both front and back, 16GB on-board storage, micro-USB, micro-HDMI, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and front facing dual-speakers. Just like the Nexus 4, there’s no microSD slot and it will be running on Android 4.2.

Somehow the Google Nexus naming convention is mimicking Samsung with a mixture of device generation and screen size references, which we are not a fan of. The Nexus 4 denotes 4th iteration of Nexus smart phones while the 7 & 10 denotes screen size. This would be rather confusing for consumers.



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