Google care about the security and safety of its Android paltform users, So that Google has introduced a new feature on Android 4.2 that aims to reduce the instances of malware running on Android device.

In their previous attempt, the company had added a feature on the Play Store called Bouncer, which checked apps on the Play Store for malicious content. This time, the service will be running on the device itself and will be checking sideloaded apps instead. Although by default Android does not let you sideload apps, this restriction can easily be removed by enabling "Unknown sources" installation option from the Settings menu (For example trying to install Riptide GP apk).

Once you enable sideload Apps, you can install any application on your Android device, which could at times also include malicious content. What this new feature in Android 4.2 does is it checks the application being installed with a list on Google's server to see if it matches with any of the malicious apps out there. If not, you can continue with the installation or else the installation is aborted.



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