Did you thought about using your Galaxy Note II as a PC computer ? ColdFustion has posted a video showing the Galaxy Note II connected to a 29-inch Samsung LED monitor using a Samsung HML adapter and an HDMI cable, Also, the Note II was connected to an Apple wireless QWERTY keyboard and Magic Mouse, and a number of tests were performed to see if the Samsung GALAXY Note II could make it as a PC.

Multitasking is smooth and the GALAXY Note II supports a full-featured floating browser with pop-up video too. Looking to tax the processor, two flash videos were started at the same time, still runing great... With four flash videos running simultaneously with two native apps, things finally started to lag and break down.

One test that failed when tried with the Samsung GALAXY Note, involved a copy and paste test using the Dolphin Browser and a picture of a cat and lettuce. The picture was successfully copied and pasted thanks to the 2GB RAM on the Note II. The 1GB of RAM on the Original Samsung GALAXY Note could not handle this test. S Note became a whiteboard-like tool, allowing the user to use the S Pen to scribble notes that could be seen nicely on the larger monitor.



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