Toilets & Apps are an easy sources of humor, but in Japan, they take their toilets seriously. In most Japanese households you will find either a Toto or INAX commode that will heat the seat, spray warm water to rinse, and blow warm air to help dry things off... cool huh?

Knowing how technologically affluent Japan is, it was only a matter of time before we would witness the onset of a smartphone app and a compatible toilet to do our bidding via that App. The app does everything from raising the lid, to controlling the bidet or monitoring energy and water consumption.

The INAX "Satis" is a fully featured toilet that also has built in speakers so you can play music to foster your imagination while sitting on the "throne of thought." The Android app, "My Satis" connects via Bluetooth and in addition to controlling all the toilet functions it will also establish a diary of activity which may actually be handy in monitoring one's health.

This INAX toilet cost/ price around $4,500 and the App is available only in japanese, sadly.



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