UPDATE: Celcom iPhone 5 plans are now live on their website. They use a different plan table format from the one above and an advance payment between RM150-RM450 is required during sign up.

Celcom has finally revealed its iPhone 5 plans and offering to those who have registered their interest earlier on. Instead of the usual “i” plans, the iPhone 5 is now bundled on Celcom First plans with bolt on Mobile Internet.

There are 4 options available:

Celcom First Prime + 4.05GB data – RM98/month
Celcom First Prime + 6.05GB data – RM128/month
Celcom First Premier + 6.1GB data – RM168/month
Celcom First Elite + 6.2GB data – RM238/month

All plans come with bundled Calls/SMS/MMS which varies depending on plan option. In terms of iPhone 5 bundling, Celcom offers either 12 months and 24 months contract. You can get one as low as RM278, which is tied with 24 months contract of Celcom First Elite Plan. If you’re wondering what’s with the weird 50MB-100MB data, that’s actually the bundled free data quota from the standalone First voice plans.

There’s no mention of advance upfront payment at the moment and from the table above, they are giving out extra rebates of 10 months (for 12 months contract) and 20 months (for 24 months contract) that ranges makes the monthly subscription between RM73-RM196 depending on plan and phone model.

To secure a unit, Celcom is offering pre-booking at RM200 which is available at their outlets nationwide. The official availability is on the 14th of December where all 3 telcos are offering it simultaneously.



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