With mobile internet scene heats up with competitive data subscription and larger quota, DiGi responds with its new Jualan Internet promo with up to 2X the monthy data quota being offered. The new promo quotas for postpaid as follows:

3G Postpaid Internet
Mobile Internet Monthly (1GB + 1GB) – RM48/month
Mobile Internet Monthly (3GB + 2GB) – RM68/month
Mobile Internet Monthly (5GB + 3GB) – RM88/month

DG Smart Plan
DG Smart Plan 48 (1GB + 1GB) – RM43/month (auto billing)
DG Smart Plan 68 (3GB + 2GB) – RM63/month (auto billing)
DG Smart Plan 88 (5GB + 3GB) – RM83/month (auto billing)
DG Smart Family (300MB + 300MB) – RM28/month

Postpaid Broadband
DiGi Discover Day [7AM-7PM] (3GB + 1GB) – RM33/month (auto billing)
DiGi Discover (3GB + 1GB) – RM53/month (auto billing)
Postpaid Tablet Plan (2GB + 1GB) – RM49/month

From the FAQ, the extra quota is valid for 24 months for new DiGi subscribers. Existing subscribers will automatically get the extra free quota for 3 months from 3rd December 2012 to 3rd February 2013.

DiGi offers either the Samsung Galaxy Y or the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus on a special duo bundling as low as RM149 and RM649 respectively for 2 units. This comes bundled with either DG Smart Plan 48 (2GB) + 2GB DG Smart Family at RM88/month or DG Smart Plan 48 (2GB) + 600MB DG Smart Family at RM68/month. All bundles are tied with 24 months contract.

Prepaid For prepaid, DiGi too is giving more quota for its flexible prepaid internet plans. Full offer details below:

3G Prepaid Internet
RM3/day – (100MB + 50MB)
RM5 for 5 days unlimited whatsapp – (100MB + 100MB)
RM15/week – (300MB + 300MB)
RM48/30 days – (1GB + 1GB)
RM68/30 days – (3GB + 2GB)

DG Prepaid Smart Plan
RM10 reload – (100MB + 100MB)
RM30 reload – (300MB + 300MB)
RM50 reload – (500MB + 500MB)
RM100 reload – (1.5GB + 500MB)

Prepaid Broadband for PC & Tablet
RM30 reload – (900MB + 900MB)
RM50 reload – (1.5GB + 1.5GB)

For more informaiton, head over to DiGi Jualan Internet promo page.



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