Unfortunately symbian phones are spending too much battery. I have a Nokia N82 and It’s working 1 1/2 days without charging. It’s really hard to say the same thing for S60 devices. But we can increase our battery life with a few tips
1. Close applicatons that you’re not using – If you press to Menu button Menu Button for 1 seconds you can see applications currently running.
Running applications means loosing more battery. If you don’t use them press to C button and close them. You will notice the difference

2. Turn off Bluetooth connection if you’re not using

3. Don’t use any additional Screen Saver. Use Nokia’s Default Power Saver

4. Set your Power saver time-out to “1 minute”

5. If you’re getting Low Signal, don’t talk with your phone. Because in Low signal, your phone is spending more energy to reach to the base station

6. Use Original Nokia batteries… Fake Chinese batteries can be explosive!

If you know other tips, you can share them with us


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