Whats up with today?

Woke up early morning forcefully by my mum for my subuh prayer as usual. Damn its hard for me to wake up early at this time expecially when the aircond is on, its still dark outside and RAINING, is this some kind of gene problem for guys? damn !

So first for most i had my breakfast at hutan bandar, which is well known for their lontong and mee soup. As usual during the morning time my appetite is up to its highest level, as i better get filling before the limit time of 6pm "its some kinda of diet method for me, strange rite" ^^

Once done, me, my cousin, and my smallest bro saddiq head out to city square to watch clash of the titans. The movie has pretty awesome graphics, and truly it has a pretty interesting story play that made me so into it. So to all of you that haven't watch it then, so better get busy aite.


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