Kapersky 2011 Internet security

Finally the best anti virus to me, that has no automatic deletion towards your game cracks, or keygen has launched the new 2011 version with better design, and a automatic gadget that do appear on the sidebar for the user of window 7 and vista.
Overall performance is the same, but the design is much more user friendly :)

Try it out :
if any one of you who don't understand then please be free to ask.

1. Disable/Unplug your internet connection.
2. Click for trial version or enter one of this invalid codes : GT5VQ-JX3MF-5SEFR-PX56F
3. Kaspersky will show you an error.
4. A new window will appear with key file browsing option.
5. Select your key from browsing window.

Download key from : Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security (2009 & 2010) keys (02/06/2010)
Kapersky 2011 installer : part 1 / part 2 /part 3
(ISO type, do extract by using winrar once all three parts is downloaded)


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