New ads by nuffnang posted on my blog which is about a book name 108 ways to grab my apples book.

Here is a light review on the book that i found qouted by Tsem Tulku himself,

I do twitter. I’ve posted quite alot on twitter. So Kechara Media and Publications Dept combined my twitter posts and made it into a book.

This book is designed for everyone to have easy reading but deep inspiration during the day. It is wonderful to keep on your bedside, on your desk or present to a friend who may need a picker upper….It is non-denominational and meant for all people who need some words to ‘stay on track’. I am offering my prayers it will benefit many people.

The designs by artistic Fang, title by Li Kim and all the other many details were done in house also. Wonderful. Conceptualization by the talented Sharon Saw.

Another wonderful book from Kechara Media and Publications (KMP). Make it simple, KMP REALLY HAS A SUPER TALENTED GROUP OF PEOPLE AND HARDWORKING TOO. I AM PROUD OF THEM.

I am proud of their work and effort VERY MUCH. If I may humbly say so myself, it is a nice book.

So check it out, if you think is good then get it here for $28.80


  1. puteri kasih said...

    sounds like a lovely book :)  

  2. Syed Salleh said...

    yeah, check it out :)  

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