The new HTC Sensation XL has arrive here in Malaysia today at Sunway Giza. While the HTC Sensation XE is already available with three local telecommunication company that includes Maxis, Celcom and DiGi, the new Sensation XL has just landed in Cubic Platforms at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.

DiGi has just added the device to its plans as well going off from as low as RM1,399 when you sign up with a 24 months contract under DG Smart Plan 68. A 12 months contract under DG Smart Plan 68 can get you the Sensation XL at RM1,649 while a 24 or 12 months contract of DG Smart Plan 48 can get you the phone at RM1,599 and RM1,749 respectively.

Like the Sensation XE, the Sensation XL will also come with a Beats headset in the box. Find out more about the 4.7” device with amazing HD quality video to complement its excellent audio capabilities in the video right after the break.



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