Looks like Nokia is going to level up its current mobile offerings very soon by entering the tablet market once again, according to the revelation by the head of Nokia France, Paul Amsellem. In an interview with a French newspaper, Paul stated that the company is planning to release a Windows 8 tablet in 2012.

In addition to that, Paul has also talked a little bit about the company’s Windows Phone offering, the Nokia Lumia series. Referring to recently launched Nokia Lumia 800 as Lumia’s BMW 5 Series, Paul also stated that the 3 Series and 7 Series equivalent of Lumia devices will be made available in the near future. We assumed that the “3 Series” Lumia is actually the Nokia Lumia 710 that was announced alongside Lumia 800 which leaves only a higher-end Lumia missing in the picture.

Judging from all the info above, 2012 should be an interesting year for Nokia.



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