TAG Heuer Link Review

In case you haven’t been following TAG Heuer’s news, the company launched their first smartphone – the TAG Heuer Link, not too long ago. Running on Google Android OS that is said to have an increasing number of malware especially in the recent months, Kaspersky announced a new partnership with the Swiss luxury watchmaker to protect this smartphone with TAG Heuer Mobile Security developed by Kaspersky Lab. This user-friendly and reliable security software provides complex malware and data protection.

TAG Heuer Mobile Security (Powered by Kaspersky) protects the phone from network attacks, malware targeting mobile platforms and even SMS spams. On top of that, the security mobile software will allow users to track their phone when lost or stolen using the built-in GPS function, offers encryption to protect all digital data, and even the ability to wipe or block the phone when it’s stolen or lost. With Kaspersky Lab’s Mobile Security, the owner of a LINK smartphone can efficiently manage private contacts, block out unwanted calls or text, restrict children’s calls and text, and monitor the phone’s whereabouts using GPS Find.

The new TAG Heuer LINK phone is the ultimate communication tool. Swiss-engineered, French-built, and equipped with upgradeable Google Android software, it combines elegance, reliability and unparalleled access and connectivity. Luxuriously crafted and detailed, the TAG Heuer LINK incorporates the most prestigious materials and advanced components in the watchmaking and automotive worlds, including black PVD, diamonds and rose gold. The mirror-polished and fine-brushed stainless steel is premium grade surgical 316L, corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic.


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