ZTE SKATE Malaysia review and price

Well this took quite a while, but the flagship phone model from ZTE is finally here in Malaysia, introducing the ZTE Skate. The ZTE Skate features a large 4.3” capacitive display and runs on Android version 2.3. It is also equipped with A-GPS capability, hardware compass and G-Sensor.

It is designed with only an 800MHz processor and a 5MP camera that to be frank, isn’t very impressive at all. But why the low specs, you asked? Well, the ZTE Skate, as its name suggests, is targeted at the young and energetic individuals such as fresh graduate users who have just ventured into their first official job, and even fashion models, hence a lower spec to complement its low price of RM999.

The Skate supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE at 800/1800/1900MHz and HSDPA/UMTS at 900/2100MHz, as well as WiFi Internet access. The open Android operating system ensures that the Skate can run a wide range of apps, meeting not only the in-depth customization needs of operators, but also providing the consumer with user-friendly user interface, and convenient and powerful multimedia features.


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