Celcom is probably the most active telco when it comes to Samsung Android devices. Looking at covering all market segments, Celcom now offers the entry level Samsung Galaxy Y which is priced at RM499 outright.

For Celcom Exec consumer plans, the Galaxy Y is offered as low as RM208 on 18 months contract of Celcom Exec 50 + Celcom Broadband Advanced. The subscription should be RM108/month but the commitment was written as RM250/month on their website. For light users, there are lower options of Celcom Exec 50 + mLite data and Celcom Exec 50 + mBasic which should be priced at RM78 and RM88 respectively.

The major thing that we couldn’t understand is the upfront payment for the Galaxy Y. Celcom requires RM300-600 upfront for a phone that is priced below RM500. Also worth mentioning is that the upfront payment is rebated over 12 months. As the Galaxy Y is already an affordable device, it is ridiculous for Celcom to demand such a high upfront payment. Perhaps this is a typo by Celcom’s website team as they have been prone to mistakes recently like their “Droid RAZR” and “1.5GHz Galaxy Tab 8.9“. We suggest contacting Celcom for more details.

For Biz users, it is offered for free with 24 months contract of P148 + SMS Pack RM2 package.


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