The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is now available for bundling on DiGi. The 7″ Android tablet with phone call capabilities can be yours from as low as RM1,049 on 24 month contract of DiGi’s Smart Plan 68 which comes with 3GB of data. For light users, there’s Smart Plan 48 which offers a smaller 1GB data quota.

Here are the bundled pricing according to contract options:

DG Smart Plan 48 – 12 months: RM1,399
DG Smart Plan 68 – 12 months: RM1,299

DG Smart Plan 48 – 24 months: RM1,199
DG Smart Plan 68 – 24 months: RM1,049

*Advance payment between RM50-RM500 depending on contract and 1 month subscription fee required upfront

For extra savings, you’ll get additional rebates of RM15 x 24 months if you sign up with 24 months contract of DG Smart Plan 68. If you opt for auto-billing, there’s another RM5 off from your monthly subscription.

If you’re interested, head on to DiGi’s Online Store.


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