With “only” 3.2MP, it’s easy to assume that the Galaxy Tab 7.0 will find it hard to compete with the impressive 8MP phones like the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and the iPhone 4S but take a look at the collection of images after the jump, you’ll be impressed as to how well the camera on the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus performs.

Details are pin sharp, colour reproduction is accurate and contrast management is good as well. Overall, we’re mightily impressed at the pictures and video the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is capable of producing.

All Samsung Galaxy Tabs have 3.2MP cameras (with the exception of the Galaxy Tab 10.1v which has an 8MP sensor. The device is not available here) and we’re not sure if Samsung has done anything to the one on the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus but from our real life tests, it looks like the 7-incher has the best sub-8MP camera in the market today. If fact, aside from the loss in detail due to the small MP count, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus can hold its own even when pitted against the Samsung Galaxy Note — one of the best smartphone cameras in the market right now.


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