Intel kicked off its CES 2012 campaign today with an ultrabook-centric press conference just few hours ago here in Las Vegas. Among many things that were shown at the press conference today was this unique functional ultrabook concept called Nikiski.

First introduced to the world at Computex last year, the Nikiski comes with a transparent window that covers majority of its palm rest area. The window functions as a touchpad – with the exception that it is able to differentiate whether users are resting their palms or actually using their fingers - during a normal usage when the lid is open but once the lid is closed, Nikiski’s display will then cropped to fit the window in which users can interact via touch. In this mode, users will be able to access several functions such as calendar, email and Internet browsing.

Believe it or not, this particular unit is actually running on Windows 7 even though all those tiles looked exactly like the Metro UI from Windows 8. Furthermore, the interface was actually designed in-house by Intel. Being a concept, there is no indication on when Nikiski will ever make it to the production line but nevertheless, it is still a neat feature to have on an ultrabook or any given mobile PC although it would most probably be pretty costly to own.



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