NEW SONY branded smart phone teaser

A new teaser was released by Sony Switzerland & Austria which is currently speculated as Sony’s new smart phone. From the teaser pic, it only reveals the “S” which is the same font used in Sony branding.

On the Facebook page, there are comments guessing that this is a new smart phone but we are inclined to believe that this could be just another Portable Media Player Walkman. Even Xperia Blog has also updated that the teaser pic resembles very closely with Sony Walkman Z, an Android powered walkman device. All shall be revealed on 10th January at CES.

If it is indeed a smart phone, this could mark a new rebranding of future Sony Ericsson devices. 3 months back, Sony has taken over Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson which marks the end of Sony & Ericsson 10 years partnership in the mobile device business.



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