Intel Medfield VS NVIDIA Tegra 3

Next week at CES we expect a few surprises, but the biggest story in Android land is likely to be the introduction of Intel’s mobile processors for smartphones and tablets. We’ve heard this same line from Intel the last couple of years, but it looks like 2012 will finally be the year that we see some Android devices with Intel inside go on sale in stores.

In the last couple of months we have seen Intel boasting that they beat the competition hands down, proclaim they are years ahead of the competition with their process technology, and show off a prototype phone. Last week someone from Intel leaked some early performance numbers from the Java benchmark CaffeineMark to VR-Zone.

According to sources inside Intel, their Medfield single-core processor running at 1.6 GHz was able to score 10500 in the CaffeineMark benchmark. We tried the same benchmark on a couple other devices and found NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 was able to produce similar results with a score of 10399.

Keep in mind this is just a single benchmark and we are comparing rumored numbers, so I wouldn’t draw too many conclusions from this. Having said that, it looks like Intel’s Medfield should be competitive in browser performance with the latest ARM-based processors from NVIDIA, Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Qualcomm.

The main concern with Intel’s mobile processors has been their power consumption. We have heard reports all over the place from saying it came in 2nd or 3rd compared with the current generation of mobile devices, to saying it was the best.

With CES just days away, we won’t have to wait much longer to see how Intel really performs. Rumors suggest we could see devices from both LG and Samsung, but nothing concrete has leaked out just yet.

Hopefully Intel fares better with Android phones and tablets than they did with Google TV.

(vrzone, androidandme)


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