Bamboo is a very useful wood. It can be used for all sorts of things. You can use it to build houses, scaffolding and even feed it to pandas. Another new use has sprung up – you can use it as the chassis for a phone. The device you see above was once a mere concept by Middlesex student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. (That’s about as fitting a last name as you could have for this project.)

Its name is the AdZero and it’s made out of real bamboo. Each phone’s block of wood is naturally unique. The woody nature contributes to how light it is with TechCrunch saying it weighs half as much as an iPhone 4S. There are questions about the lifetime of the finish.
As it’s wood you can expect it to look a bit worse over time but there will likely be protective coating. I wouldn’t mind a sheet of glass covering it, personally.
The device has recently received interest from investors who want to see these things in the hands of everyone in China and production looks to be on track to begin this year.
It’ll be running Android but the OS version wasn’t mentioned. I could see this being a great device to apply a custom wood theme to but it’s not clear where they’ll go in that regard. At this point we’re not even sure who “they” are but we hope they’re serious about bringing something like this to the masses.


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