DiGi Android, Angry Bird RIO

I got a called yesterday by one of the nuffnang staff about creating video for the Digi competition, SWEETEST VOICE EVER TRUST ME.. Just a compliment, hope you're not offended or anything.. And yeah again SWEETEST VOICE EVER "I Meant it !"

Well i did inform her to provide me a 5 day period. But strangely I can't stop thinking about it SINCE THAT MOMENT "AM I CRAZY??" Even though in college I would scribble, and plan up on a piece of paper on how to create an awesome video, with my own wackiness style. TRUST ME, I have pictured it in my head again and again and again..

So with just my hand phone camera, venue at our own rent apartment which is DAMN MESS UP "It's true !", normal video editing application, and MY FRIENDS to support me.. I manage to do it !

And walaaaaaa ! 4:30 am 19/2/2012 Finally it completes..

So hope you enjoy it.. As how I did..

P.S If i manage to win, totally i have to spend my house-mates for dinner for their support and time *HOPING*

So thanks to Nuffnang and Digi for this, your'e the best


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