SD and MicroSD cards are the least of our concerns when it comes to aesthetics and ruggedness. But Samsung is known for manufacturing good-looking products, and boy do these brushed metal cards look good! Samsung is also boasting their rugged build, making these memory cards able to withstand water, pressure and magnet damage. We usually don’t post about such products, but we thought these were definitely worth sharing. If you are looking for a new SD or MicroSD cards, you probably should give Samsung’s latest cards a look.

The new memory cards will spend most of their time hidden inside of your devices, so the odds you care much about durability or looks is slim to none. Knowing your SD card can hold its own against most things thrown its ways always reduces a bit of stress, though, especially for those that remove it often. And at least you would know that if your device gets roughed up, that data will probably be safe and sound.

Samsung’s cards are able to handle water submersion for up to 24 hours, magnetic fields as strong as medical magnets, and being run over by a 3,200 pound vehicle. But their looks and durability are not all there is to it, and these cards offer great performance as well.

There are two types available; the High Speed Series and the Plus Extreme Speed Series. Looks and durability don’t come cheap, though: if you are planning on getting one of these metal beauties, they will cost you a bit more green than the competition.

The High Speed Series has options ranging from 2-32 GB (class 4-10), with the most expensive one going for $89.99. While the Plus Extreme Speed Series has 2 options for each size; 8 and 16 GB, class 10. These go for $24.99 and $54.99, relatively. Cards with the same specs cost the same, regardless of whether they are SD or MicroSD. Hit the press release for a table with exact details and prices.

So there ya go, guys! Rugged, good-looking memory cards with great performance. For many of us, the price might not be worth it. I have never been in a situation where my SD or microSD card is in any form of danger. But what do you guys think? Would any of you find a good use to these? Or would you get them just to feel more secure?


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