Are you dying for an Android phone, but don't have the dosh to splash out on a crazy high end Galaxy Nexus or HTC Sensation XE? Do you want the option for both your main and mistress work SIM cards both on one phone? Do you want a sexy phone with decent enough looks not to make people think you are toting a MIC copy phone?

Gigabyte has come up with the GSmart G1355 ahead of its official showing at MWC and it looks like a decent phone for its target of the entry-level market. The G1355 features a 800MHz Qualcomm CPU with 512MB RAM and an Adreno 200 GPU. The phone measures in at 11.5mm thick with a 4.3inch WVGA display, 5MP camera and Android 2.3. We are unsure of the pricing yet, but safe to say it will fall somewhere between the entry and mid-range market.


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